A Dream

By Estella Ye

where I’ve lost everything
including the where and to
it’s almost beautiful
how not knowing where to go
leads you to places never been.
On pure chance, it seems,
the steps lead right here.

So, my question is
where are these places I’ve never been?
I want to interrogate each one,
know its scenery, smooth roads,
as well as its inevitable bumpy ones.
Perhaps the hill that blocks my view
is hiding something precious
on the other side.

Through and through I dream
of history
as I retrace my steps, and see:

each step I’ve lost
a second dream

Estella Ye recently discovered a new mantra, namely “All Izz Well” from the movie “3 Idiots.” It resonates with her as a somewhat stressed firsttime student at SBCC. For years, she learned poetry at the Santa Barbara Music and Arts Conservatory, under the guidance of Chryss Yost and George Yatchisin and studied classical piano and violin. Also by this poet: "Conversing Under Fresco" and "Playground"