Birthday 70+

By Louise Borad Gerber

“You haven’t changed,”
over and over I am told.
Not changed? I smile,
repeating my standard reply,
“You mean I looked over 70
when you met me so many years ago?”

I laugh at the absurdity.
Like an old house
I may look the same
on the outside,
but inside I have been remodeled.
           Eyes with new lenses,
           Ears with aids to hear,
           Even a heart, not entirely original,
           with its new valve recently installed.
My body hidden beneath layers of cloth
           a landscape of biopsies and scars.
Although my feet,
           formerly my best feature
           are now marred with bunions and callouses,
           they are still able
           to carry me into another year.

Louise Borad Gerber started writing poetry to capture the emotional impact of life with her special needs daughter, resulting in her book Naomi, My Baby Forever. She continues writing poetry about the absurdities and realities of everyday life. Louise is also a part-time artist and has owned Closets, Etc. for 36 years. Also by this poet: "The Life Force"