Conversing Under Fresco

By Estella Ye

The architecture más grande is above our heads
when we learn that, yes, perfect symmetry is possible.

The builders, the Greeks, flourished when ships of foreigners
came and traded their wits, science, and languages.

So why not use another language to describe everyday
concepts like the color blue, because then we discover

in Russian, light blue and dark blue are completely different; in English,
we simply have blue; and ancient Greeks had no word for it at all.

We know blue inspires peace
and confidence, which we need in our daily lives. Habitual,

like drinking water, feeling sunlight, and
hearing birds chirp at day and crickets chirp

at night, we are quiet, but some parts of the world
are loud and widely open to sing, dance, and drink

with the whole-heartedness of knowing that
this is a good time. Cups clink and

eyes and teeth are shining. Wherever we are—

               amidst arches & curves

                        the intricacy within the fresco

living & celebrating.

Estella Ye recently discovered a new mantra, namely “All Izz Well” from the movie “3 Idiots.” It resonates with her as a somewhat stressed firsttime student at SBCC. For years, she learned poetry at the Santa Barbara Music and Arts Conservatory, under the guidance of Chryss Yost and George Yatchisin and studied classical piano and violin. Also by this poet: "Playground" and "A Dream"