Fresh Breeze

By Kundai Chikowero

As the fresh breeze saturates the air
May it wash away all iniquity
This breeze, blowing gently
May it calm all the raging oceans.

May the breeze signal enlightenment
This breeze marking a silver lining
Ushering in optimism
What a silver lining!

As the fresh breeze permeates
May all misconceptions be gone
May all the ignorance be gone
May all the prejudice be gone
May all the hatred be gone.

Fresh and gentle breeze
Usher in effervescence
Usher in Peace for humanity.

Kundai Chikowero, a senior at Dos Pueblos High School, is an activist for social justice, community empowerment of underserved populations and anti-racism. She is a published poet who has won the Martin Luther King Jr. Essay and Poetry competition six times. Kundai was awarded the 2018 City of Santa Barbara Outstanding Youth Leader award. Also by this poet: "Together for a Future Generation"