By Cie Gumucio

Inspired by Pablo Neruda’s A Dream of Trains

“The trains were dreaming…”
thrum and clang
whistle brass cry spilling

of lull and roll
plumes of exhaust
landscapes blurring earthen paint-spill
across sunlit glass

of cigar smoke, crimson satin heels
8-year-olds reciting hymns
elderly judges snoring in rhythm
furtive replies to “Where’re you headin’?”
as if it mattered

of what slips between anticipation and wool cushions
              red checker pieces
a grey worn glove
an address on a napkin

              the trains were dreaming
wind plains
missed intersections
suitcases stored above the soul below
of tickets clutched between fingertip
and lifeline hastening
              towards morning

Cie Gumucio is a poet, artist and Poet/Teacher with Cal Poets in the Schools. Her solo exhibit Writers in Search of the Sacred explored the convergence of art, literature and spirituality. Cie has designed art installations with video, poetry, and dance and curated the TEDx event, Rediscovery of the Senses. She’s won awards for writing in the film and television industry. Also by this poet: "Flight"