Pacific Sunset

By Diana Raab

Tonight I sit on the beach
           at the cusp
                 of yet another sunset.

How many does it make now,
     as I approach my septuagenarian years?

          I ask the horizon with its flat edges.
                     In its stillness, it stares back at me,
                          devoid of answers.

                                  Nature is that way—
                                         It gives us the needed
                                               sanctuary but guards answers
                                                     as I watch my reflection
                                                          in its stillness.

Diana Raab, MFA, Ph.D., is a poet, memoirist, blogger, and awardwinning author of ten books. Her latest books are Writing for Bliss and Lust: Poems. She blogs for Psychology Today, The Wisdom Daily, Thrive Global, and others. She frequently speaks and facilitates workshops on writing for healing and transformation. Also by this poet: "His Smile" and "My Heart Broke Loose with the Wind"