To the End

By Teddy Macker

i say praise
praise the sound of this rain
i say lament
grieve shake collapse
throw up your hands
but praise
praise this hard passing rain
the prosperous near sounds
of dripping-from-eaves
the surround sound
of clement iris roar
and let the wonder come
that still it falls upon us
down to this earth
night’s kindness
total mother
filling the creek for the badger
gracing the sleep of your daughter
running its hooves on the tin roof
of the barn
hear it leave now move out
towards the islands
drifting shawl of mercy
drawn over anchored boats
bird-spattered buoys
touching the back of a dolphin as it rises
for a breath
touching the slick maximal back
two drops on the dorsal
which now slips back
into the cold

Teddy Macker is the author of the collection of poetry This World. He lives with his wife and daughters on a farm in Carpinteria, California, where he maintains an orchard. Also by this poet: "Question of the Day"