Totora Horses/Caballitos de Totora

By Eric Maximiliano Castro

Your coral melodies surround me
but your gaseous foams don't touch me

You send me seagull messengers
that sideways with a single eye watch me
but neither do they touch me.

Ghostly gray gauze comes down from your sky
while your waves jump and get angry.
I finally close my eyes
and she comes out of your waters,
waning quarter his gaze
mother-of-pearl shell its colors,
rocks, breezes, their smells
marine Eve, you touch me,

Two totora horses in dance,
cock and female boiling blood
waning quarter waxing quarter
washed away storm
in chorus with the waves
they scream and repeat
love love love

Eric M. Castro is a poet, a librarian, and an educator from Peru. He believes that poetry can change the world, and he uses it to inspire and empower young people in native communities of the Amazon rainforest in association with nonprofit organizations. Recently one of his poems was featured at the 2020 United Nations Day. Also by this poet: "Ephemeral"