Bathing and Light

By Shelly Rosen

Her croak resonates
above the crashing water
as the green iridescent frog
takes a shower
beneath the cascade

In her imagination
she is bathing beneath
Victoria Falls
before meeting her lover
for a night on the town

On filtered light she
slips and slides through the leaves
then, colliding with rushing water,
sparkles in rainbow radiance,
rolls and falls with each drop
     —drop after drop—
and races downstream riding
on shimmering bubbles
into her paramour’s embrace.

Shelly Rosen is an actor and a poet. He has acted for fifty-seven years, most recently as Doc in an original play, XOXO God. He also wrote and performed his own stories in a one-man showcase. Finding great joy in writing, Shelly works on poems every day. Poetry is his constant companion. Also by this poet: "Sousi"