A Single Chair

By Lois Klein

To test what
singleness can bear,
yesterday I saw
a chair, FREE,
on the curb
and hauled it
to my lair.
The skirt had just
one little tear.
It could rock and
twirl and raise
my feet into the air.
Perfect, the way
my body fit
with just a bit of
room to spare.
Easy not to care if
spiders left
their webs or
sacks of eggs.
It was a dare
and only fair to
have my own
not like a pair
I had to share
with anyone who
entered there.
My room with just
its single chair.

Lois Klein is the author of three poetry books: Naming Water (1998), A Soldier’s Daughter (2008), and Blooming Wild So Close to Home (2013). She organizes the monthly Favorite Poems Project, teaches through the California-Poets-in-the-Schools Program, and leads private writing groups. Also by this poet: "Not Knowing"