By Shelly Rosen

Already in a frazzle over lost luggage
I notice my connection flight
is canceled jeopardizing my
morning business meeting in New York
I swell like a rocket primed, burst into flame.

Then I see her
and realize she is just what
a tense traveler needs
She squeals and wiggles,
almost giggles, as she approaches.
To accompany her red-painted toenails,
she wears a pilot style uniform
or a dancer’s tutu.
She changes to yellow toenails
when sporting her yellow polka-dot bikini.
Today, though, her wardrobe
reflects purple people eater Thursday
including a purple sari,
purple under garments
and purple nails to match

Sousi, a therapy pig, is part of the Wag Brigade,
animals who roam airport terminals
wearing vests saying “Pet me.”
After strokes of her pink smooth skin,
my blood pressure plummets to a pleasing level.
I manage to secure a new flight several hours later
than my original, meaning I will miss
a good night’s sleep. Still I am in good spirits,
my time with Sousi well worth all the worry.

Shelly Rosen is an actor and a poet. He has acted for fifty-seven years, most recently as Doc in an original play, XOXO God. He also wrote and performed his own stories in a one-man showcase. Finding great joy in writing, Shelly works on poems every day. Poetry is his constant companion. Also by this poet: "Bathing and Light"