My Man Buys in Bulk

By Gudrun Bortman

                                   and it makes me crazy
how he fills up the kitchen
like a squirrel      stores up hard for winter.
There’s salt to last a lifetime      sugar
      in brown paper sacks       a struggle to keep
from the ants.         Heaven forbid
                          he should run out of granola.

I have given up weaning him
off this habit       just defend
                                  my breakfast station—
a tin of coffee beans
a flowered pitcher for cream        small
pottery jar of sugar.     And on the shelf above
a pint of honey      a four ounce
chocolate bar        a tasting jar of jam.

I have ceded the center cabinets    tall
and deep          clench my teeth when he enters
the kitchen door loaded down with supplies.
I kiss him and make myself scarce     until
                                      he’s stored it all away.

Gudrun Bortman grew up in Hamburg, Germany. She is an artist, garden designer and a poet. Her poems have been published in Sukoon Literary Magazine, Panoply, San Pedro River Review, Miramar and several anthologies published by Gunpowder Press. Her chapbook Fireweed was released in October 2018. Also from this poet: "A Gnat" and "Sun Gold, Black Pearl"