Masahide’s Moon

By Jace Turner

The great Japanese poet Masahide wrote:

“Now that my house has burned down
I can see the full moon.”

Well, that’s a loose translation & my mantra
these days of darkness & loss & quiet isolation.

One must seek out the bright spots
like the buzz of blazing mustard fields in bloom,

or pocket of sky brushstroke blue & fading
over the bundled couple slowly walking hand

in precious hand, like the lyrical duet
in the second movement of Schumann’s Cello Concerto.

How twilight gives way to evening’s riot of stars
pushing through the black dread of nothingness

& rising there Masahide’s Moon.

When not writing poems, Jace Turner is most likely taking long walks, reading, visiting friends, or making a mess in the kitchen. Also by this poet: "Box of Old Photos"