Sun Gold, Black Pearl

By Gudrun Bortman

                   August tomatoes fill my blue pottery bowl—
Cherokee purple       Black Krim     

                                                              & that Brandywine!

                 orange and crimson     brushed like a sunset—

a madness of color.

Sun-sated         there’s the ghost of pungent vine.

I slice into a heart-shaped fruit      halved

                                         the flesh glistens       blood shades

seeds like zygotes

                                   tight in their cradling chambers

                                                                        luscious ripeness

And O!   that sweetness     moist     heart of summer

Gudrun Bortman grew up in Hamburg, Germany. She is an artist, garden designer and a poet. Her poems have been published in Sukoon Literary Magazine, Panoply, San Pedro River Review, Miramar and several anthologies published by Gunpowder Press. Her chapbook Fireweed was released in October 2018. Also from this poet: "A Gnat" and  "My Man Buys in Bulk