Expression vs. Espresso

By James Ph. Kotsybar

Parking closely in vicinity
less than sterling, the poet’s driven
an hour to arrive at the bohemian dive
and sign up for the open mic.

All fellows each conferred five minutes, not fifteen,
for spotlight, not fame,
and paying more attention
to their own notes and prep,
give limited interest.

He’s driven to expose emotions
photo captured in words,
hoping to develop mental pictures
with the same clear focus depicted in his mind,
but most judge his need to share selfish
and his desire to show telling.

In metrical tap-dance the vaudeville of his wit
introduces the burlesque of his soul,
heckled by the rabid machine frothing cappuccino from its mouth,
reminding him this is a place of business

his words, at best, just diverting pursuit.

James Ph. Kotsybar is the first poet published to another planet. His poetry orbits Mars aboard NASA’s MAVEN, appears in Hubble Space Telescope’s mission log and was awarded at Centaur’s 50th Anniversary Art Challenge. Invited by EASAL’s president, 2018, he performed before international scientists and Troubadours at EuroScience Open Forum. Also by this poet: "Open Mic"