Germination: Apricot Tree

By e. j.

Dark, damp, alive with decay underground
Body asleep with curious lined skin
Subconsciously growing with unheard sound
She fell here softly, from her giant kin

She sits here untouched, protected
Her curves, her edges all warped and dry
She waits for rain to find her dissected 
Mothers all surrounding, strong and so high

May her buds be so large, and so robust
Her many green wings of waxy faces
She dances from her womb, up to greet us
We guide her up to seek the best places 

Pulsating and torn was her veined shell 
When it left her, she knew she’d worn it well.

e. j. has lived in Goleta California for all 17 years of her life and has grown to be a passionate poetess, environmental and LGBTQ+ rights activist as well as an artistic entrepreneur with a driven mind that constantly thinks outside the box.