Together for a Future Generation

By Kundai Chikowero

We are a generation
Yearning for peace and harmony
We are that generation
Pleading for togetherness.

We are that generation
Longing for fairness
A resolute generation
Determined to uphold Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream
A generation longing for togetherness.
A generation nostalgic to live Dr. King’s dream
A dream calling for togetherness and justice
We plead for one nation
A nation where content of character is judged, not skin color.

We are that generation aching for togetherness
Working together like a swarm of bees
Hate will only bring us all down
Divided the world retrogresses
Imagine a troubled, divided, loveless world!

We are a generation aching for equality and unanimity.
Our world can prosper
If we work together
Work together in harmony

We are an aching generation
Aching to uplift one another
Support each other
Love one another
Stand up and plead for a better future
A brighter future for all generations.

Let Dr. King’s dream come to fruition
As we stand and work together
Working together like a swarm of bees
As we work together,
We prosper
Peace, justice, and equality prevails
Together we build a brighter tomorrow
Working as one we empower future generations

Hear our generation as we cry for togetherness
Divided we languish in a gloomy abyss
Together we soar like an eagle
We glide high in the winds of success.

Kundai Chikowero, a senior at Dos Pueblos High School, is an activist for social justice, community empowerment of underserved populations and anti-racism. She is a published poet who has won the Martin Luther King Jr. Essay and Poetry competition six times. Kundai was awarded the 2018 City of Santa Barbara Outstanding Youth Leader award. Also by this poet: "Fresh Breeze"