By Cie Gumucio

afternoon crochets light across
the distance it spans

tangled in sticky strands
             is an autumn leaf snared
in faerie filament flung across the driveway?

no, not a piece of autumn
but a yellow-gold monarch caught

how many hours has it been
tethered ? trapped?

Intent to free the winged beauty
glasses askew, I become Valkyrie
armed with rake and broom

aiming high and wide to break the silk netting, save
the quaking creature in fight for life—
but, then suddenly still

the world is cruel, laments the new quiet
I spot trickster-spider in a corner of his murderous snare
and decide to rob it of its prey

one defiant swipe
the silk-strong tendrils tear
so, there
and to my astonishment—enlivened wings
rise and flutter off     no worse for wear

angels cartwheel
the spider scowls
             I scowl back
and shake my rake
like a backyard Brunhild might

Cie Gumucio is a poet, artist and Poet/Teacher with Cal Poets in the Schools. Her solo exhibit Writers in Search of the Sacred explored the convergence of art, literature and spirituality. Cie has designed art installations with video, poetry, and dance and curated the TEDx event, Rediscovery of the Senses. She’s won awards for writing in the film and television industry. Also by this poet: "Intersections"