By Marilee Zdenek

There are dragons in your garden
and bats inside your dreams?
The tree there by the window’s filled with ghosts?
And even worse–you say
the crocodile beneath your bed
just waits to bite your toes?

We sent them all away last night,
swept them out, locked the door,
told them not to come here anymore.

Don’t you remember?
Oh, you do.
They did?
I see.
A frightful state, I do agree.

Come here, my sweet, and sleep by me.

Marilee Zdenek is the author of seven books, including The Right-Brain Experience which has been published in six languages. She has taught at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference since the 1980’s and served on the Board of Directors at Hospice of Santa Barbara for nine years. Also by this poet: "Dancing with Angels"